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Join us in our struggle to return rights to wild animals. This can be accomplished improving the message through your network. Together become a stronger and more focused voice, where we will make both changes and a difference.
You will receive the latest information about our work and what our NGOs are doing to return wild animals to a better life. The life they deserve.
When will a newsletter be sent? Once we have collected enough information of value.
What do you receive via the newsletter?
  • We will never ask you for more money
  • Transparency about how we run our organization
  • Information about our new sponsors
  • Information about our new volunteer organizations and companies and what we are doing together
  • PDF files of the minutes of our board meetings, the general meeting and our new Articles of Association are sent once a year
  • Articles from our visits to the NGOs
  • The latest on our cooperation with the NGOs and what they are doing for conservation
  • Our budget will be published quarterly
  • The people behind the organization, the work we do and how we do it
  • Updates on changes
  • Tips and information on how you can make a difference
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